Dwelling place of Kyai and Nyai Bandha

The dwelling place of spirit guardians Kyai Båndhå and Nyai Båndhå (Pundhèn Kyai dan Nyai Båndhå also spelled Bondo) is in a ketos tree in Bero Village near Klaten, Central Java. 

From Klaten’s Buntalan bus terminal take a mini-bus or an ojèk motorbike taxi to the mausoleum of nineteenth-century Suråkartå court poet Radèn Ngabéi Rånggåwarsitå in the village of Palar, about ten kilometres east of Klaten [7°42’27.83″S 110°40’46.96″E]. Bero is a walk of about 200 metres south from Rånggåwarsitå’s mausoleum. Local villagers will be able to direct you more precisely if you ask “Di mana punden Mbah Bondo di Bero?”

Before entering the walled compound around the ketos tree make sure you first get permission from a site custodian or from local villagers whose houses are adjacent to the sacred tree. Give a donation of cash to the site custodian.