Golo Mosque

The old Golo Mosque (Indonesian Masjid Golo, Javanese Masjid Gålå) is in the township of Bayat, Central Java.

Despite its small size, the mosque is officially called the Great Mosque of Sunan Pandanaran (Masjid Besar Sunan Pandanaran). The Golo Mosque stands high above a stone retaining wall on Jalan Sunan Pandanaran, the main street of Bayat [7°47’4.10″S  110°37’55.32″E].

For directions to the township of Bayat, see Bayat.

A flight of concrete steps leads up to the mosque from the streetside. It can also be accessed through several alleys that branch off the side street that leads to the tomb of Sunan Bayat. The mosque is a protected heritage site. Non-Muslim visitors can enter the mosque any time except during regular ṣalat prayer times and special devotional occasions. A fibreglass verandah has been built around three sides of the mosque that somewhat obscures the original appearance of the building. See also Bayat