Grand Mosque of Demak

The Grand Mosque of Demak (Masjid Agung Dĕmak) with its associated burial ground and holy tombs is on the west side of the alun-alun square in the centre of Demak [6°53’40.91″S  110°38’14.23″E], a small town twenty-five kilometres east of Semarang, Central Java.

At the time of writing public transport services between Semarang and Demak were in a state of transition. A taxi is probably the safest and quickest option to get from Semarang to Demak.

The Grand Mosque is open to visitors between regular ṣalat prayer times. To the right of the mosque (if you are facing it) i.e. on the north side, stands the entrance to the mosque museum which is also the entrance to a number of holy tombs located behind (to the west of) the mosque. More than forty figures are venerated here, including the first ruler of Islamic Demak, Radèn Patah, his successor Prince Sabrang Lor, and the wayang hero – eldest of the Pĕndåwå brothers – King Darmokusumo also known as Yudhistirå. See also Kalijågå