House and grave of Mbah Maridjan

Mbah Maridjan was the court-appointed guardian of Mount Merapi until his death in an eruption of the mountain in 2010. The ruins of his home are in Kinahrejo Village high on the slopes of Mount Merapi about 30 kilometres north of Jogjakarta, and his burial place is in nearby Srunen Village.

Public transport can take you only part of the way to Kinahrejo. Given the steepness of roads on the mountain it is advisable to hire a well-maintained regular taxi or car in Jogjakarta. From Jogjakarta’s Jalan Simandjuntak [7°46’59.07″S  110°22’20.37″E] head straight north up Jalan Kaliurang for twenty-three kilometres. Turn right at the sign reading Merapi Golf [7°37’24.94″S  110°25’30.33″E] into the road leading to Cangkringan. Follow this twisting road for one kilometre across a bridge to an intersection in the village of Umbulharjo where you turn left into Jalan Merapi Golf [7°37’34.28″S  110°26’0.30″E]. Head north towards the looming cone of Mount Merapi.

The road rises steeply for four kilometres to a makeshift tourist centre where local people are striving to reconstruct their post-eruption lives with a variety of tourist services. You will have to leave your car in the parking lot there and ride the last one kilometre to the ruins of Kinahrejo Village on the pillion of a local hire motorcycle. At Kinahrejo you will find the remains of the guardian’s house with its scorched walls, skeletal motor vehicles and heat-warped household utensils. Simple refreshments and souvenirs are on sale opposite the house.

Srunen Village is more directly accessible, although like Kinahrejo, it is remote.