Ketonggo Forest and the shrine of Erucakra

Ketonggo Forest (Indonesian: Hutan Ketonggo, Javanese: Alas Kĕtånggå also Alas Kĕtonggo) includes the Srigati Sanctuary, the Tugu Mas obelisk, Umbul Jambé Spring, the Sitinggil Shrine, and a number of other holy places. The nearest large town is Ngawi, about 80 kilometres from Solo along the main highway between Solo and Surabaya.

If you are using public transport go to the Ngawi bus terminal and board a bus to Ngrambe. The road heads southwest from Ngawi about twelve kilometres to the township of Paron [7°26’25.29″S 111°23’20.63″E]. Crossing a railway line in the centre of Paron you continue southwest along the same road towards Jogorogo. Before reaching Jogorogo, in the village of Gentong about 8.5 kilometres from Paron, a big sign reading “Alas Ketonggo Srigati” points you left into a narrow road made of paving bricks [7°29’3.90″S 111°19’33.46″E].

Follow this road for about two and a half kilometres south through the village of Babadan to an intersection in the hamlet of Brindil [7°30’17.26″S 111°19’13.64″E]. Babadan means “area of cleared forest”, and Brindil means “denuded of leaves”. In Brindil a sign directs you left along a smooth brick-paved roadway for about one kilometre to the High Seat of Srigati (Palĕnggahan Agung Srigati) inside Ketonggo Forest at 7°30’18.27″S 111°19’39.48″E.

Entry to the site is marked by a big gate with an arch over the road labeled Palereman Alas Ketonggo Srigati, “Ketonggo Forest Stopping Place, Srigati”. Immediately inside the arched gate there is a parking area with the Srigati shrine on your left opposite the far end of the parking area. Register with the site custodian in the open-sided pavilion adjacent to the Srigati shrine.

To get to the main shrines deeper in the forest go east from Srigati along a rough track for 1.8 kilometres. Turn right at 7°30’6.64″S 111°20’36.18″E and follow the track for a further 500 meters down a steep slope to the suspension footbridge that leads across Ketonggo Stream to the Umbul Jambé spring and the Sitinggil shrine [7°30’20.32″S 111°20’32.82″E].

There are some simple eateries and an open-sided rest pavilion in the small complex.