Prostration Place of Sunan Bonang

The Prostration Place of Sunan Bonang (Pasujudan Sunan Bonang) is at 6°39’35.15″S  111°28’4.62″E, in the village of Bonang on the north coast about six kilometres north east of Lasem in Central Java.

At the side of a parking area lined with small shops and eateries, a gapurå gateway leads to a steep flight of steps about 100 metres in length. Turning left at the top you enter a spacious, beautifully maintained compound with a rest pavilion on the right and bathrooms on the left. Also on the left is a small building with a pyramid-shaped, tiled roof and a wrap-around verandah. This houses several flat-topped stones, one of them with an impression in it like that of a foot. At the far end of the compound stands the small, picturesque tomb of a Champa princess (Putri Cĕmpå).

The historic town of Lasem is 130 km northeast of Semarang. It can be reached by bus in about three hours from Semarang’s Penggaron bus terminal. The best option is to board a bus heading for Tuban or Surabaya via the north coast road (not by an inland route). This will take you through Kudus, Pati, Rembang, and Lasem. Ask to be set down at the Pasujudan Sunan Bonang on the coast about six kilometres beyond Lasem. You can also alight in the Lasem bus terminal and arrange a taxi or ojèk motorbike taxi to take you the final leg to the Prostration Place. The taxi can wait for you in the parking area and take you back to Lasem after your visit.

The Prostration Place is popular with weekend trippers. The death of Sunan Bonang is commemorated at the Prostration Place every year on Wednesday Paing in the month of Dhu al-Qa’dah (Javanese: Dulkidah. See also Bonang (Tuban)