Selok Hill

Selok Hill (Gunung Sĕlok) overlooks the south coast of Java about twenty kilometres east of Cilacap, Central Java. It is adjacent to Srandil Hill (Indonesian Gunung Srandil, Javanese Gunung Srandhil), one of the most renowned sacred places in Java [7°41’6.27″S  109°11’29.01″E].

A toothy naga snake guards the entrance to the new complex of shrines on Selok Hill.

Selok Hill can be approached from the west or east. From Cilacap to the west take the main road east to Adipala. At the village of Cantelan, sixteen kilometres from the centre of Cilacap, turn right into Jalan A.Yani Adipala [7°39’6.07″S  109° 7’5.41″E] and head across the Serayu River to the small, dusty town of Adipala four kilometres from the Cantelan turnoff. If you are travelling by public transport you can pick up a small bus (bemo) in Adipala’s tiny terminal. Ask to be set down at Selok Hill (“Turun di Gunung Selok”), five kilometres east of the Adipala terminal along Jalan Srandil.

If you approach Selok Hill from the east, go from Jogjakarta along the south coast highway initially called called Jalan Daendels (after the ruthless governor who first built the highway in the first decade of the 1800s) then later Jalan Diponegoro. The highway runs for 150 kilometres from Jogjakarta right past the turnoff into Selok Hill at 7°40’46.00″S  109°11’10.89″E.

From the main road go 200 metres to the foot of Selok Hill and turn right to the roofed ticket box and entrance gate leading into the Selok forest reserve. Entry costs about Rp.13,000 (US$1.00). To the right of the entry point you will see a small Balinese Hindu temple. From the entry point, go about two kilometres along a twisting asphalt road through shady forest to a stone gapura gate [7°41’7.09″S  109°10’28.50″E] guarded left and right by club-wielding stone demons. This leads you uphill to the Jambé Limå complex, also called Padepokan Agung Sanghyang Jati, where you will also find the Puri Giri Sagara shrine.

Returning to the road, turn right and go a short distance to a parking area [7°41’8.40″S  109°10’21.62″E] where, through a small, Balinese-style split gate, you can walk down a path about 200 metres to the Jambé Pitu shrine.

A visit to Selok Hill is not complete without a visit to the adjacent, small, slightly seedy, supermarket of shrines at Srandil Hill [7°41’6.27″S  109°11’29.01″E]. The turnoff to Srandil is just 600 metres east of the Selok turnoff on the south coast highway.