Shrine of Ki Boncolono

The grave of Ki Boncolono’s headless torso (Pundhèn Ki Boncolono) and the tree where his head is buried (Ringin Sirah) are in Kediri, East Java.

Ki Boncolono’s torso is buried at the top of Mas Kumambang Hill (Bukit Mas Kumambang) about four kilometres straight west from the centre of town. From the new bridge over the Brantas River at the north end of the city centre [7°48’48.66″S  112° 0’30.64″E] go west four kilometres along Jalan Veteran. At the end of the street you reach the entrance to the Klotok Hill (Gunung Klotok) recreation park, site of the ancient Selomangleng Cave. Bear right and walk up towards a motocross circuit [7°48’17.81″S  111°58’24.83″E] where you will see a simple arched stone gate on the right with, beside it, a large upright plaque commemorating the hand-over of the renovated Boncolono site by Japto Soerjosoemarno to the mayor of Kediri.

A steep concrete staircase of several hundred steps leads to the summit of the hill where Ki Boncolono lies in a small circular burial ground with his brother Ki Poncolono, and the supposed founder of Kediri, Tumenggung Mojoroto.

Boncolono’s head is interred separately on the eastern side of the Brantas River under a banyan tree (Indonesian pohon beringin, Javanese wit wringin). The tree stands in an empty (at the time of writing) lot behind the Sri Ratu Kediri Mall at 7°49’3.12″S  112° 1’8.92″E. Entry to the site is through a clearly signposted gate in a high wall on Jalan Joyoboyo. On the small sign above the gate the saint is called Ki Agĕng Gĕntiri (an alternative name for Ki Boncolono). The site’s other name, Ringin Sirah (literally: “the banyan of the head”) also appears on the sign. See also Gĕntiri