Shrine of Kyai Pradhah

The shrine of the holy gong Kyai Pradhah (Sanggar Pusåkå Gong Kyai Pradhah) is a small, house-like building in the central alun-alun square on Jalan Raya Barat, Lodoyo, East Java. The sacred relic is also called Kyai Macan and Kyai Bĕncé. Lodoyo is about thirteen kilometres south-east of Blitar, which in turn is about fifty-five kilometres south-east of Kediri and about seventy kilometres south-west of Malang, East Java.

The shrine lies beside a big banyan tree at the southern end of the square [8°10’11.43″S  112°12’54.91″E]. Above its door the following words are painted in Javanese hånåcaråkå script: Sanggar Pusåkå Gong Kyai Pradhah, Lodhåyå, “The shrine of the gong Kyai Pradhah, Lodoyo”.

Twice a year, on the twelfth of Maulud and the first of Syawal, the gong is removed from the shrine, paraded around the alunalun and ceremonially washed on a platform constructed for the purpose in front of the shrine. Thousands of people attend and a fairground atmosphere prevails. Stalls materialise around the square selling food and drinks, clothes, toys and many other wares.