Shrine of Nyai Ageng Bagelen

The shrine of Nyai Agĕng Bagĕlèn (Pasaréyan Bagĕlèn) is about fifty-five kilometres west of Jogjakarta and ten kilometres south of Purworejo on the main highway between Jogjakarta and Purworejo not far from the Bogowonto River in Central Java. It is best accessed by car or bus from Jogjakarta by way of Wates and Krendetan. If you are using public transport take a Purworejo bus from Jogjakarta’s Giwangan bus terminal and ask to be set down about ten kilometres short of Purworejo at the “pasareyan Bagelen di timur jembatan Bogowonto” (the Bagelen tomb to the east of the Bogowonto Bridge). The roadside entrance is at 7°48’37.94″S  110°00’58.28″E and takes the form of a simple green-painted traditional gate under a green joglo-style tiled roof labelled Petilasan Ratu Ageng Bagelen with the sign Pesarean Bagelen beside it. Through the gate walk about one hundred metres to the shrine along a path shaded by tall trees.