Tomb of Sunan Bayat

The tomb of Sunan Bayat (Makam Sunan Bayat) is in Bayat township near Klaten, Central Java. The saint is also known as Ki Agĕng Pandanaran and Ki Agĕng Padang Aran. His tomb is also called Makam Sunan Pandanaran.

The site is usually very crowded. Pilgrims heading for Bayat pass through the city of Klaten about halfway between the old royal capitals of Jogjakarta and Solo. In the southern quarter of Klaten, about two kilometres from its centre and just south of the big Tegalyoso Hospital (Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Dr Soeradji Tirtonegoro), a narrow road branches south from the main highway at 7°43’3.12″S  110°35’2.80″E. At this T-junction, or at the small bemo station a hundred metres down the highway towards Jogjakarta, you can board a mini-bus that will take you on a zig-zag ride through densely farmed countryside to the small town of Wedi. Just beyond Wedi, turn left at 7°45’11.64″S 110°34’47.82″E and go to the even smaller town of Bayat about seven kilometres further on.

Entry to the Bayat burial ground is 200 metres up a clearly signposted side street from the centre of town. Squeezing past the buses that most likely will be choking the narrow street you will see an open-sided entry pavilion, and nearby, a government-operated box office. This entry point is at 7°46’58.22”S 110°38’00.70”E, and the hilltop mausoleum itself is at 7°46’50.81”S 110°37’57.91”E. See also Golo.