Tomb of Eyang Jugo and Iman Sujono

The mausoleum of Éyang Jugo (also called Mbah Jugo) and Iman Sujono (Makam Éyang Jugo dan Iman Sujono) is in the village of Wonosari at an elevation of 900 metres on the slopes of Mount Kawi [8°1’22.63″S 112°29’35.33″E] in East Java.

The nearest major town is Malang, about 40 kilometres away. There is transport to Wonosari by mini-bus from the public transport terminal in Kepanjen about twenty kilometres south of Malang, though departures are irregular.

By car from Malang, take the highway that leads south towards Blitar. About fifteen kilometres from the centre of Malang, at 8° 5’51.62″S 112°34’58.56″E, turn right into the Western Ring Road (Jalan Lingkar Barat) around Kepanjen. The ring road is known locally by the abbreviation Jalibar. Follow this road for about four and a half kilometres until you reach a T-intersection with the Mount Kawi Highway (Jalan Raya Gunung Kawi) at 8° 7’5.00″S 112°33’12.36″E. Turn right here and follow the narrow, winding and very steep Mount Kawi Highway (which changes its name several times) about fifteen kilometres up to the bottom end of Wonosari Village. There are plenty of roadside signs pointing the way to the village.

Four-wheeled vehicles cannot enter the steep main street of Wonosari, but in the street parallel to it there are several parking areas. The mausoleum of Éyang Jugo and Iman Sujono is at the upper end of the street. It is open to visitors three times a day, at 8.00 am, 2.00 pm and 7.00 pm. At midnight there is a one-hour circumambulation of the tomb. The times may change without notice. Visitors should take flower offerings into the tomb chamber to be given to the custodian at the twin graves. These can be bought streetside on the approach to the mausoleum.

The regular auspicious day is Jemuah Legi (Thursday night and the following day of Friday Lĕgi) but the site is busy every day, especially at weekends. The biggest annual event is the fair and devotions on the eve of the Javanese and Islamic New Year the first of Surå, also called the first of Muharram. This continues through the following day, the first of Surå, and the site is again packed on the 12th of Surå/Muharram, the commemoration (haul) of Iman Sujono’s death. The site is very fixated on money, so take plenty of cash.

There are many small hotels and eateries in Wonosari, as well as jiamsi centres and other shrines.