Tomb of Ki Ageng Balak

The tomb of Ki Agĕng Balak (Makam Ki Agĕng Balak also Makam Balakan) is in the village of Balakan [7°40’28.22″S  110°53’19.90″E] about twenty kilometres southeast of Solo, Central Java.

There is no direct public transport from Solo to Balakan. By motor vehicle from the centre of Solo, go east along Jalan Veteran. The street changes its name to Jalan Kyai Mojo. After crossing the Bengawan Solo River in the eastern suburbs of Solo continue south-east into the countryside through the villages of Wirun and Bekonang. About four kilometres beyond Bekonang there is a T intersection at 7°36’49.87″S  110°53’32.02″E. Turn right here into Jalan H. Muslikh.

Go south for two kilometres through the village of Wonorejo. On the south side of Wonorejo you will cross a bridge and just beyond it see a small cairn marking a fork in the road. Take the right arm of the fork and continue south through Mranggen, Godog and Kenokorejo for about six kilometres. A short distance beyond Kenokorejo at a point clearly signposted Makam Kiai Balak [7°40’29.09″S  110°52’52.92″E] turn left (east).

Follow this road through rice fields to the hamlet of Wero where you turn left. After some bends to the right the road ends in a cul-de-sac at a narrow footbridge across a stream. Walk over this bridge and a short distance through the lanes of Balakan to reach Ki Agĕng Balak’s tomb on your left. [local source?]