Tomb of Prince Jimat

The tomb of Prince Jimat (Makam Pangèran Jimat) is in the Asta Tinggi royal burial ground, Sumenep, at the eastern end of Madura Island.

From Surabaya’s Bungurasih (also called Purabaya) bus terminal take an intercity bus to Sumenep, a trip of three to five hours. The Asta Tinggi royal burial ground is on a hill overlooking the city [6°59’50.06″S  113°50’37.84″E].

Take a pedicab to the foot of the hill or walk to the entry point from the centre of Sumenep, a distance of about 2.5 kilometres. Go along Jalan Diponegoro and Jalan Teuku Umar for 1.3 kilometres. Turn left and cross a bridge into Jalan Teuku Umar. One hundred metres on, turn right into Jalan Asta Tinggi. Follow this street for 500 metres to an arched gateway at the bottom of a steep hill and walk a further 500 metres up to the Asta Tinggi burial ground (the climb will get you puffing).

The burial ground is square in shape and is divided by walls into four quarters. From the roadside entrance walk diagonally left across the bottom right (south-east) quarter to register and make a donation in the key-keeper’s small, open-sided pavilion. Prince Jimat’s tomb is in the top left (north-west) quarter of the burial ground. To access it, leave your footwear at the arched entrance to the bottom left (south-west) quarter and walk diagonally across it to the gate that leads into the north-west quarter. Prince Jimat’s mausoleum is clearly labeled on the left of the path that cuts through to the back wall of the burial ground.