Tomb of Prince Panggung

The tomb of Prince Panggung (Pangèran Panggung, also often called Sunan Panggung and Mbah Panggung) is not far from the central alun-alun square in the north coast town of Tegal, Central Java, seventy kilometres east of Cirebon.

From Tegal’s alun-alun square walk east into Jalan Pancasila towards a bridge over the narrow channel of the Kaligung River [6°52’2.95″S  109° 8’21.49″E]. Over the bridge, turn left immediately into Jalan KH Mukhlas and walk north along this street about 300 metres to Laneway 5 (Gang V) [6°51’52.23″S  109° 8’22.71″E]. This laneway leads through a small school complex past the Panggung Mosque to a cemetery with Prince Panggung’s tomb in the middle of it [6°51’52.44″S  109° 8’26.45″E].

Don’t forget to introduce yourself first to the key-keeper or to mosque staff who live immediately adjacent to the Panggung Mosque.