Tomb of Sheikh Jumadil Kubro

The Semarang tomb of Sheikh Jumadil Kubro (Makam Syekh Jumadil Kubro also spelled Jumadil Qubro) is at Jalan Yos Sudarso no.1 [6°57’12.90″S 110°27’5.49″E] in Terboyo Kulon on the north-eastern outskirts of Central Java’s capital city. The site, with its adjacent mosque, is on a busy arterial road in the middle of Semarang’s rapidly developing harbour and warehouse precinct.

Take a taxi to the site from the centre of the city, a distance of about five kilometres as the crow flies, but probably closer to ten kilometres through the traffic-choked streets of the city.

The tomb of Jumadil Kubro has been extensively renovated and is now one of the fastest growing pilgrimage sites in the Semarang region. It is one of three sites claiming to host the saint’s remains. The other two are in Troloyo, south of the Majapahit complex near Mojokerto, East Java [7°34’34.01″S  112°22’49.27″E], and on the summit of Mount Turgo in the foothills of Mount Merapi, Special Region of Yogyakarta [7°35’2.74″S  110°25’25.87″E].