Tomb of Sunan Ampel

The tomb of Sunan Ampel (Makam Sunan Ampèl) – one of the busiest in Indonesia – is behind (to the west of) the Ampel Mosque in the centre of Surabaya, East Java.

The mosque is best accessed along alleys that lead to it either from Jalan Nyamplungan or from Jalan Sasak. Take a taxi or an ojèk motorbike-taxi to Jalan Nyamplungan and ask to be set down at the entrance to Jalan Ampel Masjid [7°13’51.66″S  112°44’40.55″E]. Walk two hundred metres along this narrow street to the front portico of the mosque. Turn left and walk clockwise around the mosque to the rear. After passing through several old roofed gates, you will enter the broad open enclosure where the saint’s grave lies [7°13’47.98″S  112°44’32.28″E]. Leaving your footwear at the entrance you can sit in one of the open-sided shelters along the left and right walls of the enclosure.

The other main entry point is by way of Jalan Ampel Suci, informally known as Gang Ampel. The entry is through an old roofed stone gate on Jalan Sasak [7°13’56.79″S  112°44’32.42″E].

It is an interesting experience to walk there through the confusion of narrow streets from Surabaya’s historic Red Bridge (Jembatan Merah at 7°14’12.52″S  112°44’16.68″E), a distance of about one kilometre. Go to the park in front of the Jembatan Merah Plaza shopping mall. Cross east over Jembatan Merah bridge into Jalan Kembang Jepun, walk a few metres and turn left into Jalan Panggung. Five hundred metres down Jalan Panggung the streets curves right and meets Jalan KH Mas Mansyur. Cross over into Jalan Sasak on the other side. Follow Jalan Sasak for around three hundred metres and turn into Gang Ampel Mesjid through the stone roofed gate on the left. At the end of this narrow arcade of small shops you will see another roofed gate that leads into the Ampel complex. [local sources]