Tomb of Sunan Kalijaga

The tomb of Sunan Kalijågå (Makam Sunan Kalijågå) is in Kadilangu, a suburb of Demak, Central Java. Demak is twenty-five kilometres east of Semarang.

It is a very popular pilgrimage destination. A taxi from Semarang to Demak is probably the safest and quickest option to get you there. It will make it possible for you to be dropped at the entrance to Sunan Kalijågå’s tomb on Jalan Raden Sahid [6°53’54.89″S  110°38’50.52″E ].

You can also walk to the tomb, or take an ojek motorbike taxi, from Demak’s central alun-alun square, a distance of about 1.5 kilometres. From the north-east corner of the alun-alun walk 100 metres along the narrow Jalan Siwalan, cross a narrow footbridge and turn left into Jalan Kyai Turmudzi. Follow this street as it curves right, taking a right fork at 6°53’35.43″S  110°38’30.09″E. At the end of Jalan Kyai Turmudzi, cross a bridge and turn right into Jalan Sunan Kalijaga. Walk about 500 metres and take a left fork into Jalan Raden Sahid. Just 250 metres further, on the left, you will see the squat, pyramid-roofed entry to the shopping arcade that leads to Sunan Kalijågå’s tomb. See also Dĕmak