Tomb of Wasil Syamsudin

The tomb of Wasil Syamsudin (Makam Wasil Syamsudin) is in the Setono Gedong complex adjacent to the All-Saints Mosque (Masjid Auliya’) in the centre of Kediri, East Java.

Kediri can be reached by bus from Surabaya and Malang, or by train from Jogjakarta and Malang. Check train timetables.

Halfway along Kediri’s main street, Jalan Dhoho, turn into a wide laneway [7°49’1.16″S  112° 0’47.76″E] towards the All-Saints Mosque. The entrance is almost opposite Jalan Stasiun that leads to Kediri’s railway station, and less than one hundred metres from the multi-story Grand Surya Hotel at no.95 Jalan Dhoho. Walk down the laneway to the mosque, turn right and walk around it past a spacious, open-sided pavilion behind the mosque, and on to Wasil Syamsudin’s tomb on your right [7°48’57.66″S  112° 0’41.43″E].

Wasil Syamsudin’s tomb is the venue for regular mass religious events, especially public readings of the Qur’ān and the weekly devotions and religious study gathering held every Thursday night from 11:00 pm to about 12:30 am. An annual commemoration of the saint’s death (haul) is held on the 27th of Rejeb, or sometimes on a nearby date. It is marked by a full reading of the Qur’an (sema’an Al-Quran) and public addresses on religious matters.