Vanishing Place of King Jayabaya

The Vanishing Place of King Jåyåbåyå (Pamuksan Sri Aji Jåyåbåyå also spelled Joyoboyo) is in the village of Menang (older spelling Pamĕnang) about ten kilometres northeast of the centre of Kediri, East Java.

Taxis can sometimes be difficult to find in Kediri. If you are using public transport take an ojek motorbike taxi to Menang from the corner of Jalan Soekarno Hatta and Jalan Pamenang [7°48’32.07″S  112° 2’34.80″E], or take a minibus heading for the village of Pagu from the landmark monument of Simpang Lima Gumul [7°48’58.63″S  112° 3’43.90″E] . Ask to be set down in Menang (“Turun di desa Menang.”) which is just two kilometres short of Pagu. Walk through the lanes of Menang to the Vanishing Place at the edge of the village [7°46’44.96″S  112° 4’48.23″E].

The three components of the site are the central sanctum, the stone sarcophagus beside it where the king’s abandoned royal finery is said to be stored, and, down a short path behind the central sanctum, a small memorial to the king’s crown.

The picturesque Tirto Kamandanu bathing place with its Balinese-style roofed gate and big Hindu statues is a short walk from Jåyåbåyå’s Vanishing Place through fields of corn, rice, and sugar cane. Walk west from the Vanishing Place for 250 metres, then turn north at 7°46’43.46″S  112° 4’39.75″E. A narrow asphalt road takes you about 400 metres past a small ticket office (which may or may not be staffed) to the stone walls and shady trees of the bathing place [7°46’30.14″S  112° 4’45.59″E]. See also Wasil Syamsudin